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Capitol Grille Restaurant Nashville Chicken
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Capitol Grille Restaurant Nashville Best Lemon Pie
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Breakfast Menu

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Spring 2016 Dinner Menu 

With a distinguished take on Southern dishes, the culinary team of Capitol Grille uses vegetables from the period garden they grew and harvested at the Double H Farms garden just four miles from the hotel and heritage-breed Red Poll cattle that graze on a farm close to The Hermitage Hotel to create one of the best examples of sustainable Southern Cuisine in the state of Tennessee.  

Featuring rotating cuts of dry-aged, grass fed beef, the menu shifts with the season based on what is the freshest and best available.  Since it is partially an a la carte menu, seasonal entrees can be paired with side dishes in the same style.  


231 Sixth Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37219 615-345-7116
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