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Double H FarmsFrom Our Farm to Your Table

Here at Capitol Grille, we've been a committed partner with our local community of growers and farmers since our beginnings, as sourcing local food is a way of life in Nashville. With this philosophy in mind, we partnered with The Land Trust for Tennessee in 2008 to continue our mission in conservation and sustainability through our Guest Visionary Program at The Hermitage Hotel. Together, we conserve the beautiful Tennessee lands and bring fresh, sustainably farmed produce to our menu at Capitol Grille. 

Double H Farms

local beef Nashville

Our relationship with our lands are greater and stronger than the roots we plant and grow. And preservation has been a the center of almost everything we do. That’s why in 2012 we purchased our own farmland to honor our heritage and the traditions that have shaped our past and present.

At Double H Farms, we raise our own herd of Red Poll cattle with the same farming techniques that were practiced by our forefathers. We’re proud to serve the best quality of beef in the city, because we know what goes into every cut. Each cow that lives on Double H Farms grazes at ease across grassy knolls with the freedom to roam, feed or relax under a shady tree. We never use unnatural processes and we always take care in what we do.

We’re not your modern foodies and we don’t say farm-to-table. It’s actually much more simple than that. We’re southerners and we’re farmers, tried and true, and that’s just our way of life.

Gardens at Glen Leven

For 107 years, we've believed in taking care of the lands we call home. This belief is more than southern pride, it's the foundation of our heritage and of our partnership with the Land Trust for Tennessee. Since 2008, when our partnership with The Land Trust began, The Hermitage has been able to directly support the conservation of over 85,000 acres of land. These protected lands, made of scenic trails, state parks and urban spaces, allow Tennesseans the opportunity to bike, hike, fish, farm and play for generations to come.

On the Land Trust's historic Glen Leven property, we're proud to run an heirloom period garden just 15 minutes from the hotel. The Hermitage Hotel has not only helped to restore the property's 1857 manor and heirloom farmland, but to create educational agriculture programs for local schools. Today the garden is home to our own Double H crops like kale, beets, carrots, turnips, corn, watermelon, thyme, basil, and pumpkin, all of which are used for seasonal cuisine at Capitol Grille and Oak Bar.